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  • Time for Etihad to merge with Emirates?

  • Etihad Airways has often come to the rescue of struggling airlines. Now it has serious problems of its own and may have to consider merging with its bigger neighbor to cut its losses.
  • Qatar says UAE nuclear plant is threat to regional stability

  • The State of Qatar says the Barakah nuclear plant under construction in the United Arab Emirates poses a serious threat to regional stability and the environment and has called on the IAEA to create a framework for nuclear security in the Gulf.
  • Team USA caps off win at Special Olympics World Games with incredible buzzer-beater

  • Team USA defeated Team Canada at the Special Olympics World Games in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday, 35-18, which was capped off by an incredible heave from one player. As time was winding down in the game, Matthew Millett tossed up a three-quarter court shot and drained it. The win means Team USA will compete against Team Britain on Wednesday for the gold medal in the games. The team had previously won bronze medal at the Special Olympics USA Games in Seattle, according to Community Advocate.
  • TABLE-UAE's Fujairah oil inventory data for week ended March 18

  • Fujairah Oil Industry Zone on Wednesday published, via industry information service S&P Global Platts, the following weekly inventory data for oil products for the week ended March 18. Volumes are in thousands of barrels. Figures in brackets represent volume change from prior week calculated by Reuters. Week Light Middle Residual Fuels Distillates Distillates 2019 March
  • More than meets the eye to shocking Chrysler Building deal

  • Did you read about the $900 million Chrysler Building purchase? Or was it $1.1 billion? Nope — you read, including here, that Aby Rosen and Michael Fuchs’ RFR Realty and Austrian real estate giant Signa Holding GmbH paid the Abu Dhabi Investment Council and Tishman Speyer only $151 million for the leasehold. But what they...

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