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  • Why Thailand isn't opening to international tourists yet

  • With news that many countries in Europe are reopening to tourism in time for summer, travelers with their sights set on Asia are anxiously awaiting word on when they'll be given the green light to visit their favorite destination.
  • Massive beer truck crash attracts locals to help with ‘cleanup’ efforts

  • Rubbernecks on the road couldn’t keep their eyes — or hands — off this highway crash. A stalled semitrailer truck carrying thousands of cans of Leo lager in Chumphon, a Thai province on the Malay Peninsula, attracted hordes of locals to the site of the accident, who came to lend a hand with cleanup by...
  • Thailand’s Purple Noodles Offer a Tasty Tradition

  • Kanom jeen is a traditional Thai noodle with a history that stretches back centuries. The noodles are made over the course of two days from rice flour dough that’s kneaded, fermented, boiled and hand-pressed. Each cook in Thailand puts their own spin on the dish. For Samrith Petchkong and many others, kanom jeen noodles are always made with vibrant butterfly pea flowers and turmeric, which turn the noodles bright purple and yellow. Petchkong, the director of Silapa Vithi (Life Arts Center) in Thailand’s Trang province, is on a mission to save the cultural heritage of old Thailand. Preserving the traditional recipe for kanom jeen noodles is an important part of that goal. This Great Big Story was made in partnership with Tourism Authority of Thailand.

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