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  • This wild surrogacy trend is on the rise

  • Talk about keeping it all in the family. Daunted by the costs and complications of paid surrogacy, couples with fertility issues are turning to family members to carry their babies. But while choosing a relative as your surrogate saves money — and offers familiarity, since paid surrogates are typically strangers — the choice comes with...
  • I’m carrying my twin’s twins

  • Through Friday, The Post is publishing Surrogacy Spotlight, a special series on real families’ surrogacy journeys. Fraternal twins Whitney Bliesner and Jill Noe, 34, have shared a lot in their lives. So sharing the challenge of having kids was a no-brainer for the Oregon sisters. Bliesner has a rare genetic disorder, neurofibromatosis type 2, which...
  • Team Trump didn’t try to stop UN from cracking down on wartime rapists

  • The headlines were dismal. “US threatens to veto UN resolution on rape as weapon of war,” The Guardian blared. The BBC was more subtle but equally condemnatory: “United States ­Dilutes UN Rape-in-War Resolution.” The Washington Post, meanwhile, made sure to get the “T”-word in its headline: “The UN Wanted to End Sexual Violence in War....
  • Cop busted lying about drug deals: prosecutors

  • A crooked cop helped put two innocent people behind bars when he lied about observing the men dealing drugs — and video evidence proves that the transactions never took place, Manhattan prosecutors said. Detective Joseph Franco, 46, was charged with perjury on Wednesday for falsely claiming that he watched drug deals go down in three...

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