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  • The city the most UNESCO Heritage sites

  • Cordoba can get overlooked by tourists to Spain. But with more UNESCO Heritage Sites than any place in the world as of 2018, that should change. Here's what to see before the crowds catch on.
  • Miss Universe 2018’s funniest moments

  • Miss USA was “basic.” Miss Nepal nearly wiped out. And Miss Great Britain belted out a lousy Kelly Clarkson. The 67th Miss Universe pageant was full of funny fails — and a few historic firsts, too. Spain’s Angela Ponce competed as the first transgender contestant in Miss Universe history. Meanwhile, Catriona Gray, from the Philippines,...
  • First transgender contestant fails to win Miss Universe, still makes history

  • Angela Ponce, Spain’s Miss Universe hopeful and the pageant’s first-ever transgender contestant, was unable to capture the crown on Sunday night — and she couldn’t have cared less. “I don’t need to win Miss Universe,” explained Ponce, after failing to make the top 20. “I only need to be here,” she said. This year’s title...
  • Madrid In Motion win Global Champions League Super Cup

  • With a total of $7.2m of prize money on offer and a winner's share of just over $3m, it was Madrid In Motion who were celebrating victory in the inaugural Global Champions League Super Cup at the O2 Arena in Prague.
  • AP Interview: Catalan separatists on hunger strike speak out

  • As a hunger strike by jailed Catalan separatist politicians enters its third week and begins to take a toll on their health, they say their upcoming treason trial will allow them to peacefully promote their cause for independence from Spain.
  • Miss Universe’s first transgender contestant rocks the runway

  • She’s transfixing! Miss Spain, Angela Ponce, the first openly transgender contestant in the 66-year history of the Miss Universe pageant, is getting rave reviews for her bikini body, runway glamour and message of inclusion. “I always say: Having a vagina didn’t transform me into a woman,” the post-op trans gal told reporters as the pageant...

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