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  • Ex-Philippine officials accuse Xi of crimes against humanity

  • Two former Philippine officials have filed a complaint with the International Criminal Court accusing Chinese President Xi Jinping of crimes against humanity over his government's assertive actions in the disputed South China Sea, which they say deprived thousands of fishermen of their livelihoods and destroyed the environment.
  • A dead whale containing 90 pounds of plastic is a message in a bottle

  • A whale in the Philippines is the most recent of the sea's greatest creatures washing ashore with an important announcement for all of us: We are choking in your trash. And soon humans may be, too, writes Carl Safina. The time has come to ban plastics that cannot be recycled.
  • Philippines seizes drugs in upscale area, arrests 4 Chinese

  • Philippine authorities have seized more than 160 kilograms (350 pounds) of methamphetamine concealed in tea wrappers in their second-largest drug haul this year in a sign of how the problem has persisted despite the president's bloody crackdown on illegal drugs.
  • GRAPHIC IMAGES: Disgusting' 88-lb mass of plastic bags found in dead whale's stomach

  • Scientists have removed 88 lbs of plastic bags from a dead whale's stomach in the Philippines. The juvenile male Cuvier's Beaked Whale's carcass was recovered on the shore of the Philippines' Compostela Valley province. Included in the find were 16 rice sacks and multiple shopping bags. The museum plans to release a full list of the plastic items recovered from the whale carcass.

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