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  • Duterte moves to forcibly send garbage back to Canada

  • The Philippine president's spokesman says the exasperated leader has moved to have truckloads of garbage that Filipino officials say were illegally shipped to the Philippines years ago be forcibly shipped back to Canada.
  • Duterte's allies dominate Senate race, shut out opposition

  • Final results from the Philippines' midterm elections last week show the president's allies won a majority of the 12 Senate seats being decided, while a shutout of the opposition slate heralds a stronger grip on power by a leader accused of massive human rights violations.
  • Ex-Philippine judge says she was held at Hong Kong airport

  • A former Philippine Supreme Court justice who once accused Chinese President Xi Jinping of crimes against humanity before the International Criminal Court says she was barred for hours from entering Hong Kong for unspecified reasons.
  • Modern farmers work harder than cavemen did: study

  • Most would consider themselves lucky to have been born in the modern age — unthreatened by food scarcity and saber-toothed tigers. But a new anthropological study based in the Philippines suggests that hunter-gatherers get about 10 hours more leisure time per week than their farming counterparts — a shift which also disproportionately affects women. Experts...
  • Trump's financial disclosure secrets

  • Assuming that he's telling the truth -- and with this President this may be a leap -- Donald Trump made at least $434 million last year before expenses. His newly-released financial disclosure form shows much of this money came in the form of rent payments, asset sales, and golf course operations -- with numerous other income streams coming from as far away as the Philippines and Turkey.

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