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  • Woman accused of throwing acid on priest during confession

  • A deranged woman threw sulfuric acid on a Roman Catholic priest as the holy man took her confession in Nicaragua, church officials said. Rev. Mario Guevara, 59, was in “delicate” condition after suffering burns on several parts of his body during the savage attack in a cathedral in Managua, Monsignor Carlos Aviles told local press...
  • U.S. sanctions Nicaraguan officials, including Ortega's wife

  • U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday signed an order allowing him to sanction Nicaraguan authorities for a crackdown on anti-government protests and immediately used it to target the wife of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega and one of his top aides.
  • Venezuela, Cuba & Nicaragua: Team Trump’s new Latin ‘axis of evil’

  • The George W. Bush administration had its “Axis of Evil.” Now the Trump administration has the term “Troika of Tyranny” to describe oppressive Latin American dictators it is now pledging to confront. The administration is right to call out the crimes of the leaders of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. But it remains to be seen...
  • The Story w/ Martha MacCallum - Thursday, November 1

  • On Thursday, Martha details the latest sanctions dropped onto Venezuela Nicaragua and Cuba by the Administration in a move to placate the regions, while the midterms get glitzy with high profile celebrity Oprah Winfrey campaigning, and an Undocumented Immigrant responds to the President's plans.
  • Special Report With Bret Baier - Thursday, November 1

  • On Thursday, Bret explains the latest with President Trump holding a news conference about the situation on the border with Mexico, while the Pentagon is sending more troops to help hold the lines, and John Bolton warns Cuba Nicaragua and Venezuela about how things are going to move forward.
  • Bolton warns leaders of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela

  • National Security Adviser Bolton cited the destructive forces of totalitarianism, communism, socialism and oppression and vowed to continue down the path of restricting the diplomatic relationship reinstated by Obama. Gillian Turner has more for 'Special Report.'

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