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  • New tick-borne virus infecting dozens in China

  • Researchers in China claim to have identified a new tick-borne disease. In a study recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers wrote they’ve identified a tick-borne disease dubbed as Alongshan virus (ALSV). The virus was identified after a 42-year-old woman in Inner Mongolia, an autonomous region in China, went to a local...
  • Road to 2022 World Cup begins in Mongolia

  • The long road to the 2022 World Cup finals begins in the footballing backwaters of Mongolia on Thursday as the first games that count towards qualification for Qatar are hosted in Asia.
  • UPDATE 1-China to offer liquidity to Baoshang Bank

  • China's central bank said on Sunday that it would offer liquidity to Inner Mongolia-based Baoshang Bank, which the country's financial regulators have said they would take over due to the serious credit risks it poses.
  • Mongols motorcycle gang fined $500K — but get to keep logo

  • Genghis Khan might ride again. Feds failed in their effort to ban the Mongols motorcycle gang from using the storied marauder’s likeness as its logo. The club was fined $500,000 in a racketeering and conspiracy case. But on Friday in Santa Ana, California, a federal judge rejected the government’s effort to make the club give...
  • How a teen became the first woman to win the grueling Mongol Derby

  • She was less than a day into a 10-day, 1,000-kilometer horse race, but Lara Prior-Palmer was already in trouble. She’d been in high spirits when she set off from the start line with her 29 fellow competitors that morning, but now the 19-year-old British teen was all alone in the middle of the Mongolian steppe,...
  • Racing 10,000 miles in a tiny car

  • Mongol Rally participants race across Central Europe and Asia in cars with one-liter engines -- or on scooters or motorcycles. No set route. No assistance.
  • A couple died of bubonic plague after eating the raw kidney of a marmot

  • A local folk remedy thought to provide good health had the opposite effect for one Mongolian couple: After eating the raw kidney of a marmot, the pair died of bubonic plague, AFP news agency reported on Monday. Health authorities responded by declaring a quarantine that included locals and foreign tourists who had come into contact with the couple.

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