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  • Mexican Court Says Cocaine Should Be Allowed

  • A pro-legalization group in Mexico says a court has granted two injunctions ordering the government to allow plaintiffs to carry and use cocaine, though not to buy or sell it.
  • Mexico and U.S. reach deal to end tomato tariff dispute

  • Mexican tomato producers struck a last-minute agreement with the Trump administration to avert an anti-dumping investigation and end a tariff dispute that has rumbled on for months, government officials said on Wednesday.
  • Trump administration unveils rule allowing migrant families to be held indefinitely

  • The US would be able to indefinitely detain migrant families who cross the border with Mexico illegally, under a regulation unveiled Wednesday by the Trump administration. The regulation replaces a long-standing court agreement that restricted how long the government could hold migrant children — a decision that is bound to spark a new court fight...
  • Mexican judge approves recreational cocaine use in ‘historic’ ruling

  • Bailiff, get the yayo. A Mexican judge has granted two people the right to “possess, transport and use” cocaine — recreationally — in what’s being praised as a “historic” first step toward ending the country’s “war on drugs.” “We have spent years working for a more secure, just and peaceful Mexico,” said Lisa Sanchez, director...
  • Troops who deployed to US-Mexico border will receive medals

  • Thousands of American troops sent to the US-Mexico border as part of the Trump administration's effort to contain the rising number of migrants crossing into the US since April 2018 will be awarded the Armed Forces Service Medal, the Pentagon confirmed Tuesday.
  • US troops deployed to Mexico border eligible for medal

  • All U.S. service members deployed along the Mexico border are eligible to receive the Armed Forces Service Medal – a military award which recognizes “significant” military activity without encountering foreign hostile action.
  • Man nearly run over after chasing runaway semi-truck

  • A man in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, was fixing up a semi-truck when he saw the wheels suddenly turning and the vehicle rapidly moving backwards. Somehow, the gigantic truck managed to break free, but that didn’t stop him from helplessly running after it. The dangerous decision nearly cost him his life, as he nearly got run...
  • EMERGING MARKETS-Latam stocks rise on hopes of stimulus; currencies fall

  • Latin American stocks broadly rose on Monday as signs of stimulus for major economies lifted global sentiment, while currencies in the region were dented by a stronger dollar. Stocks in Mexico led the charge climbing 0.6% as a rebound in global equities from a brutal sell-off last week and

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