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  • Trump agrees 'not to terminate NAFTA at this time'

  • President Donald Trump told the leaders of Canada and Mexico Wednesday he was not immediately planning to end the North American Free Trade Agreement, a pact which he railed against as a candidate and as recently as last week declared was harmful to US workers.
  • Trump's NAFTA is already running out of time

  • President Trump's trade team can't start negotiating until at least August. Mexico wants a deal done by early 2018 and it has elections in nearly a year. The window of time to renegotiate a new deal is getting narrower every day.
  • Trump slaps first tariffs on Canadian lumber

  • The Trump administration is hitting Canada with stiff tariffs of up to 24% on lumber shipped into the United States. It's the first tariffs imposed by President Trump, who during his election campaign threatened to use them against imports from both China and Mexico.
  • Sec. Kelly: Trump will 'be insistent' on funding border wall

  • Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said Saturday that he believes President Donald Trump "will be insistent" that lawmakers include money for a US-Mexico border wall in a spending bill that they need to pass by Friday to avoid a government shutdown.
  • Kelly: Border wall construction by end of summer

  • Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly says the Trump administration hopes to follow through on President Donald Trump's promise to build a wall along the border between the United States and Mexico before the fall.
  • Mulvaney says no shutdown, even with border ask

  • Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney says he believes the Trump administration and Republican leaders in Congress will be able to avert a government shutdown, even as the administration says it will insist on money to build a wall on the Mexico border.
  • Read this: How Trump defended criticism of judge for being 'Mexican'

  • It's a remarkable political coincidence that the judge randomly selected to hear the case in Los Angeles of a man deported to Mexico despite his lawyers' claims he was granted protected status during the Obama administration is the same judge Donald Trump once said could not be partial because he is "Mexican."
  • 7 luxury vacations in Mexico

  • The beach-camping crowd can still scrape by on a few pesos a week, but if you want to splash out, here's how to do it right
  • Five reasons why you should watch showjumping

  • As the Longines Global Champions Tour, the world's richest showjumping competition, kicks off this week in Mexico City, CNN takes a closer look at why the sport makes for such thrilling spectacle.

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