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  • A Disappearing Lemur Fights For Home

  • This is Carme, a red ruffed lemur. Her world is small and it’s shrinking every day. She’s covered in a brilliant chestnut coat and is one of the most endangered species of lemur. Found only on a single peninsula in northwestern Madagascar, its home forests are being harvested at an alarming rate. Conservationists estimate that there are only about 5,000 left in the wild. This is the red ruffed lemur.
  • A Jumping Lemur On The Brink: The Coquerel's Sifaka Hops For Survival

  • The endangered (and adorable) Coquerel’s sifaka is a medium-sized lemur native to Madagascar. Coquerel’s sifaka is found in only two protected areas of the country. The principal threats to its existence are deforestation and hunting pressure. This is the Coquerel’s sifaka.
  • The Ring-Tailed Lemur Fights Off Deforestation

  • This is Teres, a ring-tailed lemur. He is quite the character. An emblem of Madagascar, these black and white ring-tailed primates are more social than most lemurs, with as many as 24 members in a group. When traveling together, they keep their tails in the air to make sure no one gets lost. Unfortunately, the habitats they call home are being rapidly destroyed. Deforestation and hunting are having major impacts on their populations. This is the ring-tailed lemur.
  • Body of a teen who fell from plane found

  • The body of a British teenager who died after mysteriously falling from a plane over Madagascar has been found, authorities in the country have confirmed, as police investigate whether she intentionally threw herself from the aircraft.
  • Body found in Madagascar believed to be student who jumped from plane

  • Authorities in Madagascar have recovered a body believed to be that of a 19-year-old British student who plunged from a small plane in what police are investigating as a suicide, according to a report. Alana Cutland, 19, a natural sciences student at Cambridge University, was on a research trip in the remote area of Anjajavy...
  • Family of student who jumped from plane blames prescription meds

  • A 19-year-old British student who jumped from a plane during a biology internship in Madagascar was “mumbling” and “pretty” incoherent” two days before her death – possibly due to the effects of prescription meds, according to her family. Alana Cutland was on her way back home after cutting short her six-week research trip when she...

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