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  • Looted Art in Hungary

  • A former United States ambassador says Budapest has reneged on an agreement made 20 years ago to return the art.
  • Hungarians protest against 'slave law' overtime rules

  • Thousands of Hungarians protested in Budapest on Saturday against a proposed new labor law that allows employers to ask for up to 400 hours of overtime work per year, a move its critics have billed as the "slave law".
  • Santa 'Jaws' is coming to Budapest aquarium

  • As if delivering presents to all the world's 2 billion children while in charge of nine reindeer and a flying vehicle, squeezing down chimneys and entering strangers' houses weren't enough, Santa...
  • CEE MARKETS-Shares stage modest rebound, currencies steady

  • Polish shares led gains across central European stock markets on Friday, tracking a rebound in European shares from losses a day earlier sparked by trade war concerns. At 1026 GMT, Warsaw shares were 0.9 percent higher, followed by Prague Budapest, with gains of 0.7 percent and 0.4 percent, respectively. Shares in Takarek Mortgage Bank, the commercial banking unit of savings and loans group Takarek, led gains in Budapest with a 3.8-percent rise to 710 fori
  • Was Charles Bronson reincarnated as this Hungarian action star?

  • Director Rene Perez was in a bar in Spain a few years ago when he spotted a Charles Bronson photo on the wall. He asked the bartender why he didn’t recognize the movie it was from. For good reason, the bartender told him. It wasn’t Charles Bronson. Turns out, it was a picture of Robert...
  • It’s Time to Sanction Hungary

  • The former diplomat William J. vanden Heuvel says Viktor Orban and his ilk cannot be allowed to “harvest their crimes.”

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