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  • Disgruntled commuter’s ‘delay scarf’ bought by train company

  • BERLIN — Germany’s biggest rail company, under fire for its unpunctual service, is trying to mollify one disgruntled commuter by buying her “delay scarf.” Deutsche Bahn, which on Thursday announced plans to hire 22,000 more staff, bought the hand-made scarf in an online auction for 7,550 euros ($8,600). The money is being donated to a...
  • Sanders on Buzzfeed News report: Categorically false

  • White House press secretary Sarah Sanders rejects a Buzzfeed News report that says President Donald Trump personally directed his longtime former attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about the Moscow Trump Tower project.
  • Germany urges Russia, Ukraine to de-escalate conflict

  • German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas on Friday urged both Russia and Ukraine to de-escalate the conflict in eastern Ukraine and said France and Germany were ready to help by monitoring naval traffic near the Crimean coast.
  • In Colombia, Jeep Appreciation Runs Deep

  • Once dependent on mules to transport supplies, the arrival of the trusty Jeep made life a lot easier for the coffee farmers of Colombia—and, boy are they are thankful. So thankful, in fact, that for the past 25 years, they have come together in the city of Armenia to celebrate Jeeps at the annual Yipao Parade. Adriana Patricia Durán’s family has taken part in the parade for years, spending at least two days decorating their Jeep before driving it into the city for the big procession. The idea is to stack as much as you can on top of your vehicle in an artful display, using items that represent your family’s identity—everything from fruit to furniture. Those with the most creative configurations win cash prizes.
  • Armenian gang behind massive tennis match-fixing scandal

  • Spanish police have linked 28 professional tennis players to an Armenian criminal gang accused of fixing matches, including one who competed at the 2018 US Open. Fifteen people have been arrested and 68 others investigated, according to a statement Thursday from the Spanish Civil Guard. Authorities raided 11 houses and seized luxury vehicles, credit cards,...
  • Federer to open Australian Open defense against Istomin

  • Double defending champion Roger Federer will start his bid for a hat-trick of Australian Open titles next week against unseeded Uzbek Denis Istomin, who caused a huge upset when he defeated Novak Djokovic in the second round two years ago.
  • American teen caught fighting with ISIS in Syria: Kurds

  • A 16-year-old American boy was among eight suspected ISIS terrorists captured by a US-backed Kurdish militia this week, according to the group. The YPG announced Wednesday that it captured a teen named Soulay Noah Su, who is also known as Abu Souleiman al-Amriki, along with seven adults — hailing from Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan...
  • Space Accidents Fast Facts

  • Read CNN's Fast Facts about space accidents. The first space-related fatality happened in 1960 when a rocket exploded in Kazakhstan, killing 165 people.
  • China allowing 2,000 ethnic Kazakhs to leave the country

  • ALMATY, Kazakhstan — China is allowing more than 2,000 ethnic Kazakhs to abandon their Chinese citizenship and leave the country, the Kazakh Foreign Ministry said, in a sign that Beijing may be starting to feel a mounting backlash against its sweeping crackdown on Muslims in the far west region of Xinjiang. The detention of Uighur,...
  • Kyrgyz police disperse anti-Chinese rally

  • Kyrgyz police detained more than a dozen people on Thursday as they dispersed a hundreds-strong anti-Chinese rally in the capital, Bishkek, the biggest public protest to date in Central Asia against Beijing's growing influence in the region.
  • Iranian cargo plane crash kills 15, leaves 1 survivor

  • TEHRAN, Iran — A decades-old Iranian Boeing 707 military cargo plane reportedly carrying meat from Kyrgyzstan crashed on Monday while trying to land west of Iran’s capital, killing 15 people on board and leaving a sole survivor, authorities said. The crash of the jetliner marked just the latest aviation disaster for Iran, which hoped to...

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