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  • Democratic debate: Bernie Sanders won’t back down on support of Castro, Cuba

  • Socialist Bernie Sanders refused to retreat from his romantic views on Cuba and its late dictator Fidel Castro, even as the audience of the Democratic presidential debate in Charleston loudly booed him. The Vermont senator took repeated incoming fire from fellow candidates on stage after he lauded Castro’s literacy program in the 1960s in a...
  • Sanders' ill-advised Cuba comments weren't wrong

  • It wasn't wise for Bernie Sanders to say things about Fidel Castro that he must have known would alienate so many Miami Cuban and Venezuelan exiles, given that Florida is likely to be a crucial swing state in the general election; that said, argues Cuba scholar Rebecca Bodenheimer, what Sanders said shouldn't be viewed as wholly controversial.
  • Dem field gangs up on Sanders over Cuba comments in debate

  • Bernie Sanders defended on Tuesday evening his past comments praising the Cuban government’s strides on education and healthcare under the Castro regime, saying he has opposed authoritarian regimes across the globe but that sometimes they “do some things good.”
  • Sanders, at Dem debate, faces unprecedented scrutiny from struggling rivals

  • Bernie Sanders faced quick criticism in Tuesday night's Democratic debate, as the self-described democratic socialist for the first time is considered the race's undisputed frontrunner -- even as he has rankled several members of his own party with some head-turning comments on communism in Cuba.
  • Sanders under attack for comments praising dictators

  • Sen. Bernie Sanders has come under attack from Democrats and Republicans over his praise for social programs implemented by the late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, a sign of the increasing scrutiny the Vermont senator faces as he has ascended to become the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination.

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