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  • U.N. warns of possible war crimes in northeastern Congo

  • Widespread and systematic killings, beheadings, rape and other barbaric acts by militia mostly from the ethnic Lendu community in northeastern Congo may constitute crimes against humanity and war crimes, the United Nations said on Wednesday.
  • Forty villagers killed in massacre in northeast Congo

  • Suspected Islamist militants have killed at least 40 people in northeastern Congo, a rights group said on Wednesday, the latest in a wave of attacks against civilians in the mountainous jungles near the Ugandan border.
  • New hotline helps families survive abuse in Congo

  • Four days after the Congolese government shut down Kinshasa's pulsating nightlife, her husband knocked out some of her teeth and went to live with his mistress, leaving her bleeding and naked on the floor. Their three children saw it all.
  • Spicy Food From Around the World

  • Think spice makes everything better? Well, you’re right. We’re turning up the heat with our spicy food world tour. We asked seven people in seven countries to show us the foods that make them salivate and sweat. On the menu is dakdoritang in Seoul (a hot soup spiced with gochugaru), jambalaya in Houston (check out the cayenne in that one), and maboke in the Congo (it gets its fiery flavor from red Scotch bonnet peppers). And, what should you do when you can’t handle the heat? Great Big Story senior producer Beryl Shereshewsky tests out different hacks to ease the burn—like sugar, chocolate, and even vodka.

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