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  • Yankees don’t get first crack at Manny Machado as hunt starts

  • Manny Machado’s free-agency tour has reportedly begun, with Machado visiting the White Sox on Monday, according to USA Today. It would be the first of several likely stops for the 26-year-old, who is set to talk to the Yankees in New York on Wednesday, according to The Post’s George A. King III. He also reportedly...
  • Yankees set date with Manny Machado as sweepstakes begin

  • This is the kind of winter meeting baseball has been waiting for. The Yankees are set to meet with Manny Machado on Wednesday in New York, The Post’s George A. King reported Sunday. The terrific 26-year-old will get his chance to persuade the Yankees he’s worth the mega-bucks; he would like a deal in the...
  • Yankees have more competition for their Manny Machado fallback

  • If the Yankees can’t get their hands on free agent Manny Machado, who could meet with them this week, they have an interest in Freddy Galvis playing shortstop until Didi Gregorius returns from Tommy John surgery. But they aren’t the only team looking at the switch-hitting veteran infielder. According to a person with knowledge of...
  • White Sox interestingly trade for Manny Machado’s brother-in-law

  • Is this the first step toward the White Sox luring Manny Machado? Chicago made one move that could lead it to another, trading for first baseman Yonder Alonso from Cleveland in a deal made official Saturday. Cleveland gets 24-year-old outfielder Alex Call, who has yet to make his major league debut. The Indians also rid...
  • Cashman’s absence fans Manny Machado Yankees intrigue

  • LAS VEGAS — When the Yankees announced assistant general manager Michael Fishman would address the media following Thursday morning’s Rule 5 draft instead of Brian Cashman, it was easy to wonder if the GM had left the winter meetings for a sit-down with free agent Manny Machado. That wasn’t out of the question considering Cashman...
  • Why J.T. Realmuto is worthy of all the superlatives you’ve heard

  • LAS VEGAS — I am here to answer perhaps the biggest question of the winter meetings. No, not where are Bryce Harper and Manny Machado going? But why are so many teams — including the Mets — so zealous to get J.T. Realmuto? After all, if you look at his batting average or RBIs, you...
  • Edwin Encarnacion traded in 3-way deal as finally something happens

  • It wasn’t Manny Machado or Bryce Harper, and it did not involve Noah Syndergaard or J.T. Realmuto, but a significant trade did indeed go down at the winter meetings. Slugger Edwin Encarnacion was traded to Cleveland and first baseman Carlos Santana was returned to the Indians Thursday in a three-team deal that also involved Tampa...
  • Yankees GM mum on possible face-to-face with Machado

  • On Monday, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said he had talked to agent Dan Lozano about free-agent infielder Manny Machado because of his club’s void at shortstop until Didi Gregorius returns from right shoulder surgery. Asked if he planned to meet with Machado, Cashman replied, “I wouldn’t say.’’ Asked if a recent report was accurate...

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