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  • Yankees surely noticed Manny Machado’s ‘pathetic’ hustle

  • Baseball’s eyes — including the Yankees’ — are on Manny Machado. And he’s not exactly giving those pupils a workout. A headliner of the upcoming free agency season drew some unpleasant attention Saturday night, when he didn’t run out a fourth-inning ground ball in the shortstop hole during the Dodgers’ 4-3 win in Game 2...
  • Chad Pennington wishes he had been more patient with Jets

  • Former Jets quarterback Chad Pennington connects with Post columnist Steve Serby to talk Jets, young quarterbacks and all things NFL in a Q&A chat. Q: Were you surprised that Sam Darnold started from Day 1? A: If it were me, I would not have started him, but that’s just my opinion. I think we are...
  • Didi Gregorius replacements who aren’t Manny Machado

  • The injury to Didi Gregorius presents the obvious problem for the Yankees: How do you replace a player this vital on both sides of the ball and also in the clubhouse? But further complicating the matter are two timing issues: 1) The Yanks will have some clue once Gregorius undergoes Tommy John surgery and begins...
  • Manny Machado shows Yankees he can be an October force

  • MILWAUKEE — Possible future Yankee Manny Machado showed again Friday night what kind of October force he can be, but it wasn’t enough to keep the Dodgers from coming up short in the opener of the NLCS. The Brewers hung on for a 6-5 victory at Miller Park to take a 1-0 lead in the...
  • Manny Machado not only option to fill the Didi Gregorius void

  • The Yankees’ offseason became more complicated with the loss of Didi Gregorius for at least part of 2019 now that he needs Tommy John surgery on his throwing elbow. Here’s a look at who the Yankees could turn to in Gregorius’ absence: Gleyber Torres GM Brian Cashman said Torres is “clearly the best player for...
  • Hal Steinbrenner: ‘We’re going to leave no stone unturned’

  • In the coming months, plenty of names such as Manny Machado, Patrick Corbin and perhaps even Bryce Harper figure to come across Hal Steinbrenner’s desk. The Yankees managing general partner isn’t going to shy away from them because of the price tag. “Look, my family has always been willing to take money that comes off...

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