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  • Nicaragua nationalizes major gas station chain linked to Ortega

  • Nicaragua's National Assembly on Saturday approved nationalizing a major gas station company two days after the United States imposed sanctions on it for allegedly being used by President Daniel Ortega's family to finance and launder money for the government.
  • U.S. imposes sanctions on son of Nicaragua's president

  • The United States on Wednesday imposed sanctions on Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega's son, Rafael Antonio Ortega Murillo, for alleged money-laundering and corruption, the U.S. Treasury Department announced, in its latest move against the Nicaraguan government.
  • Baltic index falls as capesize demand slips

  • The Baltic Exchange's main sea freight index fell on Friday weighed by weaker capesize demand, but the index ended the week up 2% on higher rates across the panamax and supramax segments.
  • Injured construction worker in Hard Rock Hotel collapse deported

  • An illegal immigrant who is a key witness in the investigation of last month’s New Orleans hotel collapse has been deported, despite pleas from activists. Delmer Joel Ramirez Palma, 38, was sent on a one-way flight to Honduras Friday after years of appeals to the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency were denied, the Daily...
  • 2 Americans killed, 5 injured in Belize tour bus crash

  • Two Americans were killed and five others injured when their tour bus crashed in Belize — as they visited the country on a Carnival Cruise Line trip, according to a new report. Jacqueline Abad, 53, and Sara Armijo, 51, were killed Wednesday when the gray Dodge passenger van carrying their group crashed on a roadway...
  • Construction worker injured in New Orleans Hard Rock Hotel collapse faces deportation

  • A construction worker from Honduras injured during a Hard Rock Hotel collapse in New Orleans last month is now facing deportation according to his immigration lawyer, reported. Delmer Joel Ramirez Palma worked at the building and even reportedly attempted to warn his superiors about unsafe conditions before the accident, which left three dead and...

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