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  • Severe weather possible along Gulf Coast

  • Severe storms are possible Thursday, stretching from New Orleans to Panama City, Florida. CNN meteorologist Pedram Javaheri has today's forecast and what to expect in these coastal communities.
  • Nicaragua government rejects early elections after OAS meeting

  • Nicaragua will not hold early elections, the government announced on Wednesday, after holding a meeting with the Organization of American States (OAS), which had proposed moving the next vote forward to help resolve a simmering political dispute.
  • Jacqui Saburido, face of anti-DWI campaigns, dies at 40

  • A woman whose face became synonymous with numerous campaigns against drunken driving after she was severely burned in a Texas crash 20 years ago has died at the age of 40. Jacqueline Saburido Garcia died of cancer in Guatemala, having moved there from her native Caracas, Venezuela, several years ago to seek better medical treatment,...
  • Nicaraguans use Good Friday processions to protest

  • Good Friday religious processions in Nicaragua's capital have taken a decidedly political tone as people have seized on a rare opportunity to renew protests against the government of President Daniel Ortega.
  • America's favorite fruit could go extinct

  • The banana barely grows in the U.S., but it's the country's favorite fruit. And it's at risk — a deadly fungus is spreading around the world, infecting banana plantations with what's called Panama disease.
  • Nicaraguan opposition says dozens arrested in banned protests

  • Hundreds of Nicaraguans opposed to President Daniel Ortega took to the streets on Wednesday in protests deemed illegal by the government and several dozen were arrested, according to an opposition group, although police denied anyone was detained.
  • Guatemalan presidential candidate conspired to import coke into US for cartel: feds

  • A Guatemalan presidential candidate was busted Wednesday by the DEA for conspiring to import “tons of cocaine” into the US for Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s infamous Sinaloa drug cartel — and allegedly attempting to arrange the assassinations of his political rivals, according to prosecutors. Mario Estrada, 58, was charged in Manhattan federal court following a...
  • Trump reverses slew of Obama-era Cuba policies in new crackdown

  • The Trump administration on Wednesday rescinded several Obama-era policies toward Cuba, while imposing tough sanctions against Venezuela and Nicaragua – as part of a new crackdown on what National Security Adviser John Bolton dubbed the “three stooges of socialism."
  • Strong police presence ahead of march in Nicaragua

  • Hundreds of police are lining a thoroughfare and manning overpasses in Nicaragua's capital hours before a scheduled opposition march to mark a year since protesters took to the streets to oppose the government of President Daniel Ortega.

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