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  • The world's silence on Trump's racism is deafening

  • The silence from other world leaders in condemning US President Donald Trump's most recent racist comments has been deafening. There have been remarks from Canada's Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, who said: "That's not how we do things in Canada," and that a "Canadian is a Canadian." The outgoing British Prime Minister, Theresa May, said that Trump's comments were "completely unacceptable."
  • PRESS DIGEST- Canada- July 18

  • The following are the top stories from selected Canadian newspapers. Reuters has not verified these stories and does not vouch for their accuracy.
  • Man strangles a Canada goose he claims ‘attacked him’ at a gas station

  • An upstate man reportedly strangled a Canada goose that he said attacked him at a gas station. Daniel Hodgins, 66, choked the waterfowl at Quik Fill Gas Station outside of Syracuse on July 4, according to newsite Hodgins allegedly used crackers to lure several geese to the station, where the killing took place, the...
  • 'Deconstructed' devices reveal the beauty of everyday design

  • Canadian photographer Todd McLellan likes to dissect things. More than that, he likes to photograph all their myriad components, from the tiniest of screws to the bundles of wires and plastic parts that make them work. He does so by neatly laying out each item, or by capturing them as they tumble through the air, so that the original device -- a laptop, iPad, typewriter or Walkman -- appears to have exploded.
  • Cambodian officials are sending plastic trash back to US, Canada

  • Cambodian officials want the US and Canada to leave their trash at home — and they are sending a whopping 1,600 tons of plastic waste back to where it came from, according to a new report. Eighty-three shipping containers full of trash were discovered Tuesday at Sihanoukville, Cambodia’s main port — and the southeast Asian...
  • Singer begs internet to stop sharing Bianca Devins’ murder photos

  • A Canadian singer-songwriter is begging people to stop sending her photos of murdered social media star Bianca Devins. Nicole Dollanganger, 27, posted a note on Twitter calling Devins’ death “evil, cruel and senseless.” “While I know some of u are very well-intentioned, I ask that U PLEASE STOP sharing the horrific content her murderer distributed,”...
  • PRESS DIGEST- Canada-July 17

  • The following are the top stories from selected Canadian newspapers. Reuters has not verified these stories and does not vouch for their accuracy.
  • Couple ripped for ‘romantic’ pic next to lion they killed

  • A Canadian couple is receiving backlash from animal lovers after an image posted on social media showed them having a romantic kiss over the carcass of a massive lion they killed. Darren and Carolyn Carter were pictured smooching in the image posted on a Facebook page belonging to trophy-hunting company Legelela Safaris, according to the...

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