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  • Schaller & Weber is New York City’s Iconic Old School Butcher Shop

  • There aren’t a lot of old-school butcher shops left in New York City these days. But Schaller & Weber has been a fixture on the Upper East Side of Manhattan for more than 80 years. Jeremy Schaller is the third-generation owner of the business founded by his grandfather in 1937. The shop specializes in sausages and charcuterie and also sells cheese, chocolate, beer and wine imported from Germany and Austria. This Great Big Story was inspired by Genesis. — Welcome to the New York City edition of our newest series, “City Roots.” We’re going old school in the city that never sleeps. Join us in paying homage to the New York institutions that have stood the test of time.
  • The Royal Palace of Gödöllő Is Hungary’s Answer to Versailles

  • France has the Palace of Versailles, Hungary has the Royal Palace of Gödöllő—a baroque manor just half an hour away from Budapest. The ornate palace was built for Hungary’s royals; today, it is open to the public. Completed in 1748 and recently renovated, the palatial home is full of grand halls and secret rooms. It even has its own church and theater complete with an orchestra pit. One of the royal residents, Empress Elizabeth of Austria, the Queen of Hungary, left behind a notable touch—rooms bathed in a brilliant hue of violet. This Great Big Story was made possible by Budapest, Spice of Europe.
  • If Mikey Likes It, You Know It’s Delicious

  • Michael “Mikey” Cole is a man who found redemption in ice cream. A native of New York City’s Lower East Side, Cole sold drugs when he was younger, got caught and spent six months in jail. When he was released, Cole promised his mother he wouldn’t get into trouble again, and he eventually found his true calling as a legit businessman when he opened his own ice cream shop. It’s called Mikey Likes It Ice Cream, and it’s in on Avenue A in Manhattan, just two blocks from where Cole grew up. There are a lot of ice cream shops in the neighborhood, but what sets Mikey Likes It apart is Cole’s creativity. “This is pop culture-inspired ice cream,” Cole says. Among the flavors on the menu at Mikey Likes It: Pink Floyd, Brady Bunch and Ice Ice Baby. While Pink Floyd is a mix of strawberry and cheesecake flavors, Brady Bunch is what happens when banana pudding, Vienna Fingers crème-filled cookies and crushed vanilla wafers meet ice cream. Ice Ice Baby is a blend of three different types of vanilla beans. Locals pack the tiny shop, and celebrities are customers too. Hillary Clinton stopped by when she was running for president, and the likes of rapper Future and basketball star Joakim Noah are fans, Cole says. Cole is a role model for kids in the neighborhood. If they stop by the shop and show him they’ve gotten an A on their report cards, he gives them a free scoop of ice cream. “It’s to show them we are the same as them. I’m a little older, but I’m still the same child at heart,” he says. The ice cream entrepreneur has this advice to offer young people: If you find something you like and are passionate about, go for it. “Don’t not go for your dreams,” he says. “Go for every last one you have.”

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