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  • Stefanos Tsitsipas freaks out out on Australian Open ref that ‘f—-d me’

  • Greek sensation Stefanos Tsitsipas has apologized after almost self-destructing during a highly controversial third set against No. 19 seed Nicoloz Basilashvili at the Australian open. Tsitsipas was hit with two code violations while serving for the third set while ahead 5-3. Instead, he was forced to do it the hard way through a tiebreaker after...
  • Woman who randomly attacked people with an ax gets prison

  • The crazed woman who attacked two people with an ax in an Australian convenience store was sentenced Friday to as many as nine years behind bars, according to a new report. Evie Amati, 26, walked into a Sydney 7-Eleven in January 2017 and bludgeoned two customers in an unprovoked attack — severely wounding both, the...
  • Bernard Tomic’s sister was spark that exploded bitter tennis feud

  • Bernard Tomic’s feud with fellow Australian and tennis legend Lleyton Hewitt can be traced back to an argument over Tomic’s sister. Two years ago the pair’s friendship went south over a funding issue for Tomic’s younger sister, Sara, a fringe professional player. The Tomic family’s disagreement with Tennis Australia over the issue complicated things with...
  • Factbox: Novak Djokovic v Denis Shapovalov

  • A look at the records of Serbian Novak Djokovic and Canadian Denis Shapovalov before their third-round match at the Australian Open on Saturday (prefix number denotes seeding):
  • Studious Shapovalov hopes Nadal videos can help topple Djokovic

  • Denis Shapovalov announced himself to the world by stunning Rafa Nadal two years ago in Montreal and the Canadian teenager will hope to draw from the Spaniard's tactical manual when he meets Novak Djokovic in the Australian Open third round on Saturday.
  • Caroline Wozniacki takes some parting digs at Maria Sharapova

  • Maria Sharapova and Caroline Wozniacki’s icy relationship was on full display in their third-round match at the Australian Open. Sharapova refused to look at Wozniacki during the pre-match coin toss before her 6-4, 4-6, 6-3 upset of the defending champion. After the match, while Sharapova rejoiced, Wozniacki took some parting digs at the Russian. “I...
  • Mom of slain cyclist slams Whoopi Goldberg for bike lane gripes

  • The mother of an Australian tourist who was killed while biking in Central Park roasted Whoopi Goldberg on Friday for repeatedly griping on “The View” about the city’s bike lanes. Amanda Berry said a protected bike lane would’ve saved the life of her 23-year-old daughter, Madison Jane Lyden, who was mowed down after she was...

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