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  • Democratic debate: Bernie Sanders won’t back down on support of Castro, Cuba

  • Socialist Bernie Sanders refused to retreat from his romantic views on Cuba and its late dictator Fidel Castro, even as the audience of the Democratic presidential debate in Charleston loudly booed him. The Vermont senator took repeated incoming fire from fellow candidates on stage after he lauded Castro’s literacy program in the 1960s in a...
  • Bloomberg, Sanders differ on whether to relocate American embassy in Israel

  • Mike Bloomberg and Bernie Sanders, the only two Jewish candidates in the Democratic primary race, spoke about Israel and whether they would relocate the American embassy from Jerusalem back to Tel Aviv, if elected. The Vermont lawmaker said he would consider reversing President Donald Trump’s controversial action, but didn’t commit to making the change during...
  • Democratic debate: Biden comes out swinging against Sanders on gun control, Obama support

  • Joe Biden attacked Bernie Sanders’ record on gun control — saying a 2015 South Carolina church shooting would not have happened if the Vermont senator didn’t block his solutions in the senate. “Let’s talk about being progressive. Walking distance from here there’s Mother Emanuel Church where nine people were shot dead by a white supremacist,”...
  • Democratic debate: Bernie Sanders slams Mike Bloomberg right out of the gate

  • Sen. Bernie Sanders slammed Mike Bloomberg right out of the gate at Tuesday night’s Democratic primary debate in South Carolina — when responding to a question about the economy and President Donald Trump. The front-runner Vermont lawmaker was asked about the record-low unemployment rate under Trump and why Americans should trust that a self-proclaimed Democratic...
  • Sanders under attack for comments praising dictators

  • Sen. Bernie Sanders has come under attack from Democrats and Republicans over his praise for social programs implemented by the late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, a sign of the increasing scrutiny the Vermont senator faces as he has ascended to become the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination.

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