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  • Why Tessa Majors’ murder could prove a turning point for New York

  • It has been almost 30 years since a young tourist from Utah was murdered on a Manhattan subway platform while defending his mother from muggers — an event that shocked a crime-mired city into a tumble of transformative reforms that only now are beginning to fade. So is it possible that the stabbing death Wednesday...
  • Jordan Love shakes up NFL draft with surprise decision

  • The transfer market took a hit and the 2020 NFL Draft has added an intriguing name. Utah State quarterback Jordan Love, once thought to be entering the transfer portal, is instead opting to go pro. The junior quarterback with a big arm announced his intentional on social media, that he will play in the Frisco...
  • Baby falling off counter rescued by pawn shop hero

  • Watch the dramatic moment a baby started to fall off a counter at a pawn shop in Hurricane, Utah — and was rescued by a store employee. Family Pawn manager and father of four Bill Reel credits his parenting reflexes for the quick save.   Subscribe to our YouTube!
  • Utah family devastated after vet euthanizes wrong dog

  • A Utah family says their vet mistakenly euthanized their beloved dog — after getting the OK from another client whose pooch shared the same name. Andrea Martinez said the family brought their ailing dachshund named Ziggy to a Davis County animal hospital, where the vet recommended he undergo surgery after experiencing breathing trouble, according to...
  • Dwyane Wade-funded shoe brand Taft lands in NYC

  • In late November, a celebratory crowd of models and influencers — decked out in chunky knit turtlenecks, plaid blazers and long tweed topcoats — gathered in Soho to raise a glass of tequila punch to Taft — the Utah-based, direct-to-consumer shoe label that just opened its first brick-and-mortar on Prince Street. “We have a really...

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