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  • Cops eye dating apps in Mackenzie Lueck’s disappearance after Lyft ride

  • Police are looking at the dating apps of a missing University of Utah sorority sister who disappeared last week shortly after taking a Lyft ride. Salt Lake City Police confirmed Tuesday that 23-year-old Mackenzie Lueck’s dating life has become part of the investigation after receiving tips that she was interested in older men and casually...
  • Lyft driver details last time he saw missing student Mackenzie Lueck

  • The University of Utah sorority sister who disappeared after taking a Lyft ride more than a week ago was last seen climbing into another vehicle after she was dropped off, police said. Mackenzie Lueck, 23, arrived at Salt Lake City airport on June 17 and called a Lyft to Hatch Park in North Salt Lake,...
  • Missing Utah college student last seen in a park at 3 a.m.

  • SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A University of Utah student missing for over a week was last seen meeting an unknown person at a park at 3 in the morning, authorities said Monday. The Lyft driver who took Mackenzie Lueck from the airport and dropped her off at a park in a Salt Lake City […]
  • College student missing after late-night rideshare

  • University of Utah student Mackenzie Lueck took a late-night Lyft ride from the airport last week and has not been seen since. Salt Lake City police say that both Lyft and the driver are cooperating with the investigation and they don't believe she has been harmed or in danger.
  • Woman accused of binding puppy’s mouth shut with hair tie

  • A Utah woman has been charged with animal torture for using a hair tie to clamp shut her 3-month-old puppy’s mouth to prevent her from barking, according to reports. Alexis Marie Callen, 19, of Murray, was charged with torturing a companion animal, a felony, after a rescue group that saw horrifying images of the pup,...

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