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  • Pennsylvania man who confessed to murder was leading ‘double life’

  • A Pennsylvania man confessed to kidnapping then killing his girlfriend in Las Vegas as he carried on a “double life,” according to a report. John Chapman, 39, called his wife from the police station Friday about his 33-year-old paramour Jamie Rae Feden, who has been missing since around Sept. 25, news station WPXI reported. “He...
  • Quick thinking NYPD cop saves mom from killing herself and her baby

  • A postpartum-depressed Brooklyn mom was moments away from killing herself and her 6-month-old baby — but a gun shop owner in the Poconos and a quick-thinking NYPD cop worked together to save her.  The 27-year-old mom — who lives in Pennsylvania but had been staying with family in Brooklyn — took her 6-month-old daughter out...
  • ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ star Jeff Garlin was almost fired from ‘The Goldbergs’

  • “The Goldbergs” star Jeff Garlin says he was almost fired from the ABC sitcom this year after people complained about his language on the set. Garlin, who plays gruff family patriarch Murray Goldberg on the ’80s-era series set in Pennsylvania, was called into HR. The issue? His colorful language between takes. “I was saying some...
  • Singing the Tokyo Blues

  • Jerome “Jero” White never imagined that he would one day grow up to be a star in the Japanese music scene. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he was first introduced to enka music by his grandmother, a native of Yokohama, Japan. Enka is a form of ballad music, popularized during wartime. Influenced by his grandmother, Jerome began singing the “Japanese blues” at the age of five. After years of studying Japanese language and culture, he made the decision to move to Japan to pursue a career in music. Although he has now chosen to put his music career on hiatus, Jero’s contributions to enka have modernized and brought a fresh style and energy to the traditional artform.
  • CBP seizes 11 counterfeit Super Bowl, World Series rings

  • Philadelphia Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers seized 11 counterfeit Super Bowl and other championship rings in Pennsylvania earlier this month that would have been worth $526,000 if authentic, officials said Wednesday.

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