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  • Sky Racing: Competitive Paragliding With the World’s Best

  • Once a year, the top paragliding pilots in the country gather for a grueling, gravity-defying, seven-day marathon called the Rat Race. Powered only by the wind and sun, pilots must navigate a different course each day as they soar thousands of feet over the Oregon countryside. The fastest to the finish line wins. This year, the Rat Race—named for its launch-point at Woodrat Mountain—hosted the U.S. National Paragliding Championships. One of the top American pilots, Nick Greece, takes us into the “gaggle” to experience what its like to soar with the wind.
  • How ex-Alabama QB Jalen Hurts barely won the Oklahoma job

  • NORMAN, Okla. — Jalen Hurts’ rise to the starting quarterback position at Oklahoma wasn’t a foregone conclusion, despite his wealth of championship experience at Alabama. Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley took his time before naming Hurts the starter for the fourth-ranked Sooners’ Sept. 1 season opener against Houston. Though Hurts played in three national championship games...
  • Oregon QB Justin Herbert’s love of science kept him away from NFL Draft

  • Justin Herbert could’ve been a top pick in this year’s NFL Draft and made millions of dollars. But the quarterback’s science nerdiness kept him in school. The Oregon Heisman hopeful is close to graduating with a 4.01 GPA in biology and used to raise quail, frogs, butterflies, parakeets and hermit crabs in his grandparents’ backyard,...
  • No surprise here: Fields named Ohio State's starting QB

  • Ohio State coach Ryan Day on Monday made official what most people figured was a foregone conclusion: Georgia transfer Justin Fields will be the starting quarterback when the No. 5 Buckeyes open the season Aug. 31 against Florida Atlantic.
  • Both far-right and antifa groups claim victory in Portland

  • PORTLAND, Ore. — With both the left and the right declaring victory following a long-hyped rally that had Portland, Oregon, on edge it seems the liberal city will continue to be a flashpoint in an increasingly divided country. City officials were mostly relieved that a downtown gathering Saturday of more than 1,000 far-right protesters and...

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