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  • Officials hope to change minds amid 'exquisitely contagious' measles outbreak

  • Officials in Clark County, Washington, publish a list every day of where people infected with measles have been. Among them: busy spots like Concourse D at Oregon's Portland International Airport on January 7 and the sold-out Portland Trail Blazers' home game four days later. There's also a Costco, a Trader Joe's, numerous schools, day-care centers and churches, a swimming pool and even a trampoline park.
  • Athletics: Prefontaine Classic to be held near San Francisco

  • The Prefontaine Classic, North America's only Diamond League meeting, will be held at California's Stanford University this year as work continues on a new world championship stadium at the traditional site in Eugene, Oregon, officials said on Tuesday.
  • Bears can ‘eat’ your ex this Valentine’s Day with special offer

  • Here’s a Valentine’s Day treat if you can barely stand your ex. A wildlife center in Oregon ran an offer allowing lonely lovers to sponsor salmon in their ex’s name — and have them fed to bears. The $20 donation program was launched on January 31st by The Wildlife Images Rehabilitation and Education Center. “Want...
  • Christian school teacher whose spouse caught her with teen in bed sentenced

  • A former Christian school teacher whose husband caught her in bed with a student was sentenced to prison, according to officials. Andrea Nicole Baber, who taught at Logos Christian Academy, was ordered Friday to serve 20 months in prison for having sex with a student in Springfield, Oregon, the Register-Guard reported. The 30-year-old educator pleaded...
  • Measles outbreak causes surge in vaccination requests

  • Since the beginning of the year, things have been looking increasingly grim in parts of Oregon and Washington due to a measles outbreak that has affected dozens of people. The disease, which has spread rapidly between individuals who never received their childhood vaccines to prevent it, prompted officials to declare a state of emergency out...
  • Photographer drugged, raped young models: authorities

  • MCMINNVILLE, Ore. — A professional photographer drugged and sexually assaulted young models or aspiring models he worked with in Oregon and California, federal and state authorities said Wednesday. Robert Arnold Koester, 52, is accused of bringing young women and girls to a remote property outside McMinnville, in Oregon’s wine country, taking nude photos of them...

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