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  • Substitute school nurse accused of making advances on teen boy

  • A substitute nurse serving two Ohio school districts was jailed for inappropriately touching an underage student and making sexual advances toward him, prosecutors said this week. Delena Clever, 48, of Maineville, Ohio, who subbed for the Little Miami and Kings Local school districts, sent a text message to a male student telling him she was...
  • Flash flood risk for the Midwest

  • Flash flooding continues to be a threat as severe storms develop from the the southern Plains towards the Ohio Valley. Pedram Javaheri has the forecast.
  • Gym teacher caught on video touching dozens of first-grade girls: prosecutor

  • A former gym teacher at an Ohio elementary school allegedly touched 28 first-grade girls inappropriately, often grabbing their backsides or positioning them to straddle him, a prosecutor said. John Austin Hopkins, 25, of Springboro, was indicted Monday on 36 counts of gross sexual imposition after a three-month probe that began when a parent reported him...
  • Storms and flooding will impact the Ohio Valley

  • Severe weather could affect over 70 million in the southern Plains and the east coast. This could accumulate over the coming days to bring flooding to parts of the Midwest from Kansas towards Indiana. Meteorologist Pedram Javaheri has the forecast.
  • Woke apocalypse: the Oberlin College suit

  • If there is one thing you learn about at Oberlin, the notoriously progressive liberal-arts college, it is surely privilege: white privilege, hetero privilege, gender privilege — you name it. Now, an Ohio jury has identified an entirely new variety — Woke Privilege — and resolved to hold accountable people who believe they are protected by...
  • Pastor convicted of sex charges to be sentenced

  • A former minister in Ohio found guilty of child sex trafficking after a woman told jurors he groomed her for sex when she was 14 and encouraged her to have sex with two other pastors is scheduled to be sentenced in federal court.

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