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  • Rangers goalie Alex Georgiev doesn’t wilt under intense heat

  • COLUMBUS, Ohio — It was a stunning performance from Alex Georgiev, the Rangers goalie making 45 saves while saving his team not only the embarrassment of its desultory performance, but rewarding it with a 3-2 victory over the Blue Jackets on Thursday. “It’s all about Georgie tonight, that’s for sure,” coach David Quinn said. This...
  • Artemi Panarin’s Rangers brilliance continues in homecoming

  • COLUMBUS, Ohio — It wasn’t one of those returns filled with vitriol. But it was a reminder of exactly what the Rangers got, and what the Blue Jackets lost. That would be Artemi Panarin, the electric winger who fled Columbus this summer after two seasons to sign a seven-year, $81.5 million free-agent deal with the...
  • Fox wrongly chose Urban Meyer silence on Terrelle Pryor stabbing

  • Urban Meyer was right there, seated on Fox’s six-man, in-stadium set and registered on Fox’s payroll. And while it was tough to hear over the senses-reducing din Fox invited, it was never even mentioned. Saturday, at the top of the student-athletes game between Michigan and Ohio State, genuine breaking news broke: Terrelle Pryor, a Jets...
  • Man says he was burned by small nuclear reactor in Ohio garage

  • A man says he was burned by a small nuclear reactor inside the garage of an Ohio home Thursday night, leading to an evacuation of the immediate area, a report said. The bomb squad, firefighters and other emergency personnel responded to the scene at a cul-de-sac in Dublin — a suburb of Columbus, according to...
  • Rick Nash understands Artemi Panarin’s Rangers calling

  • COLUMBUS, Ohio — If someone has an idea of what Artemi Panarin is going through, it’s Rick Nash. And even from the perch of his new gig in the Blue Jackets’ front office, the recently retired Nash understood the lure the brought Panarin to Broadway. I can’t blame the guy. The Rangers are such a...

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