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  • Jets’ Leonard Williams isn’t concerned with trade rumblings

  • With the NFL trade deadline two weeks away, teams are reportedly eyeing Jets defensive lineman Leonard Williams. ESPN reported on Sunday that multiple teams have reached out to the Jets about Williams’ availability. The report said the Jets are not interested in trading Williams at this time. The trade deadline is Oct. 29 at 4...
  • Mets managing possibility Mike Bell could be next A.J. Hinch

  • As a top NL East rival prepares to meet with three experienced former managers with marquee name value, the Mets on Monday are expected to interview a potential first-timer. Reports on Sunday said the Phillies will interview Joe Girardi, Buck Showalter and Dusty Baker for their managerial opening. The Mets, according to an industry source,...
  • State Dem head Carl Heastie looks to block far-left candidates

  • The Democratic leader of New York’s state Assembly is gearing up to protect the party’s long-tenured incumbents from a potential insurgency mounted by far-left upstarts. Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie vowed at a recent fundraiser to flex his political muscle and campaign resources to help veteran Democratic state lawmakers — like fellow Bronxite Jeff Dinowitz and...
  • Devine: Democrats slap the faithful during LGBTQ Town Hall

  • Anyone wondering why religious people still support Donald Trump, despite his flaws, need only watch a recording of the Democrats’ fanatical LGBTQ Town Hall last week. From Elizabeth Warren mocking religious males as incapable of finding a wife to Beto O’Rourke’s promise to strip tax benefits from religious institutions, or Cory Booker’s assertion that Catholics...
  • Video shows Ferrari flip and eject athlete

  • Welterweight boxing champion Errol Spence Jr. received non-life-threatening injuries after being ejected from his Ferrari during an early-morning crash outside a Dallas sports bar.
  • Stop scapegoating Christopher Columbus

  • Why are we so eager to search out scapegoats for the injustices of history? Whatever the reason, Christopher Columbus is now the fall guy for the sins of slavery, the exploitation of indigenous peoples, the rape of natural resources and most of the legal, financial and territorial abuses that followed the first European steps in...
  • Nightmare on ‘Sesame Street’: talking ‘social relevance’ way too far

  • Who among us didn’t grow up with Big Bird, Elmo and the whole gang teaching us how to navigate our emotions and the wider world? “Sesame Street” has been instrumental in my own children’s lives. When we were potty-training, there was an episode for that. When it was time to give up the pacifier, there...
  • Trade war rejuvenates 'Silicon Valley' firms in Malaysia

  • Years after resisting pressure to move to China, Lee Hung Lung says his bet has paid off. Sales at his Malaysia-based Hotayi Electronic are surging, it's hiring more workers, considering an expansion, and picking and choosing orders.

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