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  • Barneys aiming to be the ‘Hermès’ of weed

  • Cannabis has gone high-end. Barneys New York aims to light up the marijuana market with its own posh pot boutique called The High End, a head shop of sorts selling smokers’ accessories from rolling papers and leather ashtrays to bespoke glass bongs and cannabis-infused candies. The company will roll out these luxury marijuana accessories at...
  • NYPD commissioner vows to review training protocol after friendly-fire death

  • New York City’s top cop vowed Friday that the NYPD will review its training protocol to ensure that tragedies such as the friendly-fire fatal shooting of Detective Brian Simonsen don’t happen again. “We have to take a good, clear look at what we’re teaching our people in the academy, what we’re teaching them in service...
  • Furious de Blasio says Amazon ‘disrespected’ NYC by ditching HQ2 deal

  • A livid Mayor Bill de Blasio blasted away at Amazon and its critics Friday — claiming the company disrespected New York City and that opponents of its deal to move to Queens were disingenuous. “To get a call after months of attempting to build a productive partnership on behalf of the city, to get a...
  • Woman kicked off NJ Transit for giving Louis Vuitton purse a seat

  • Your bag is not a VIP. Police booted a rude NJ Transit passenger after she refused to move her Louis Vuitton purse from a seat. “I don’t want your bedbugs. I don’t want your smell. You’re disgusting,” the woman said to a fellow passenger on a crowded Trenton-bound train.   Subscribe to New York Post...
  • How Amazon blew its chance in New York

  • The deal was supposed to be foolproof. But by trying so hard to bypass opposition and extract many incentives as possible, Amazon generated more opposition than it bargained for.

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