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  • Pothole saves Nebraska man’s life

  • There’s one less reason to complain about potholes. Emergency responders said a Nebraska man has a giant pothole to thank after the jolt from one brought his racing heart back to a normal rhythm, news station WOWT reported. Rescue crews in Gretna were dispatched last Monday to rush the 59-year-old unidentified patient with an irregular...
  • Attention-hungry people are faking vacations on Instagram

  • Looking to live the glamorous, well-traveled life — and stir envy among your Instagram followers — but can’t afford it? Well, now you can have a photo of yourself digitally altered to make it seem like you can. A Nebraska-based photo-editing service named Fake A Vacation lets users send in snapshots to have them superimposed...
  • One truthful Democrat emerges to call out party’s ‘delusions’

  • Bob Kerrey, the former Nebraska senator and governor, was always one of my favorite politicians in part because his politics weren’t perfectly polished. Among other free-wheeling moments, he called fellow Democrat Bill Clinton an “uncommonly good liar” and said a requirement for becoming president is that you must “want it more than life itself.” Kerrey...
  • St. John’s recruit asks to be released from commitment

  • MINNEAPOLIS — St. John’s is now in the market for a point guard. Junior college prospect Cam Mack has requested to be released from his National Letter of Intent, he told The Post on Friday, less than a week after recruiting ace Matt Abdelmassih left the Red Storm to join Fred Hoiberg’s staff at Nebraska....
  • Nebraska woman says carrying her gay son's baby was her gift

  • When Cecile Eledge offered to carry a baby for her adult son and his husband, they thought she was kidding - and that her doctors in the family's Nebraska hometown would balk at a 61-year-old woman serving as a surrogate for a gay couple.

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