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  • Thief has a ton of trouble trying to steal huge TV from front porch

  • A clumsy crook was caught on camera swiping an enormous TV off someone’s porch — but not before tripping over it and trying to desperately jam it into a getaway car. Police are hunting for the bumbling bandit who made off with the pricey 4K flat screen in Fort Washington, Maryland, according to Prince George’s...
  • Cummings on what hearings he'll hold first

  • Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings discusses the hearings he plans on holding as incoming chairman of the House Oversight Committee on oversight of the Trump White House and administration.
  • Elijah Cummings calls for Cohen testimony in January

  • Maryland Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings said Sunday that once his party retakes control of the House, he hopes President Donald Trump's estranged former attorney Michael Cohen will testify before Congress.
  • Trump lawyer seeks to send emoluments case to appeals court

  • A lawyer for President Donald Trump is challenging a Maryland federal judge's decision to allow a case accusing the president of profiting off his office to proceed in district court. The lawyer wants a federal appeals court to take up the case instead
  • New effort in Maryland to combat upsurge in fentanyl deaths

  • A new effort in Maryland to prosecute more fentanyl cases in federal court is designed to help combat an alarming increase of fatalities caused by the potent synthetic opioid that's fueling the deadliest overdose epidemic in U.S. history.
  • Man weaves are transforming bald black men’s hairlines

  • Meet that man behind the weave: Wade Menendez is being hailed as a pioneer of nonsurgical hair replacement for black men. The 35-year-old Maryland barber’s 90-minute technique involves gluing natural and synthetic hair pieces to the scalp. He then scissors and clips them into submission, fading them into any remaining natural hair. Yes, glue might sound...

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