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  • Photo shows police in blackface

  • The Baton Rouge Police Department in Louisiana is apologizing after a 1993 yearbook photo shows two police officers dressed in blackface as part of an undercover operation.
  • 9 LSU frat bros arrested on hazing-related charges

  • BATON ROUGE, La. — Louisiana State University announced the arrests Thursday of nine fraternity members for hazing-related crimes that included ordering pledges to lie in piles of broken glass, kicking pledges with steel-toed boots and urinating on them. The men arrested, ranging from ages 19 to 23, were members of Delta Kappa Epsilon. The university...
  • Agent: Ferguson deserves second chance

  • The agent for Louisiana Tech pass rusher Jaylon Ferguson said disinviting his client from this month's NFL Scouting Combine sends the wrong message to players who make mistakes and try to make amends.
  • Giants option Jaylon Ferguson after Combine rejection: It was ancient fight

  • A four-year-old fight at a McDonald’s is haunting a top NFL draft talent. Jaylon Ferguson, a pass-rusher from Louisiana Tech and the NCAA’s all-time sack leader, will not be going to the Scouting Combine later this month after a background check uncovered Ferguson was convicted of simple battery during his freshman year. “We disagree with the...
  • Potential Giants target and sack king disinvited from NFL Combine

  • Jaylon Ferguson, a potential Giants target, will not be permitted to attend the NFL Scouting combine, according to NFL Network. The NCAA’s all-time sack leader, who attended Louisiana Tech, had his combine invite rescinded because a background check revealed that he had been convicted of simple battery as a freshman after a fight at a...
  • Mystikal released from prison on $3M bond

  • The rapper turned himself in on charges of first-degree rape and second-degree kidnapping after a Louisiana woman came forward to accuse him of sexual assault in 2017.

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