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  • Dutch experts say Van Gogh at Connecticut museum is real

  • HARTFORD, Conn. — A painting at a Connecticut museum that has long been thought to be by Vincent Van Gogh has been authenticated as such by Dutch researchers. The Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford announced Friday that the oil painting “Vase with Poppies” has been verified by researchers at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam as...
  • Doctors oppose legalizing marijuana in New York and three other states

  • Groups representing doctors in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Delaware released a rare joint statement Friday opposing the legalization of recreational marijuana in their states. “As physician leaders, we agree, as one voice, that the legalization of recreational marijuana does not serve the best interests of our patients nor will it serve the best...
  • Driver who pinned kids, woman with car gets 2 years in prison

  • BRIDGEPORT, Conn. — A Connecticut man who pinned twin 8-year-old boys and a woman who tried to help them against a wall with his car last year has been sentenced to two years in prison. The Connecticut Post reports that 39-year-old Allen Pearson, of Stamford, was sentenced Wednesday on a second-degree assault conviction. Police say...
  • College testing program that would allow alcohol in dorms

  • NEW BRITAIN, Conn. — Students at Central Connecticut State University are testing a new pilot program allowing of-age students to have alcoholic beverages in their dorm rooms. CCSU sophomore Nicky Florestal says the idea could bring more students on campus. School Student Affairs Vice President Michael Jasek tells WVIT-TV that the program could help to...
  • Woman sues Harvard to get back slave photos of her family

  • In 1850, a Harvard professor with a twisted theory of white superiority had research photographs taken of two slaves from South Carolina — a father and daughter, stripped to the waist, who stare hauntingly into the camera. Now, 169 years later, a Connecticut woman who believes that the father and daughter, identified only as “Papa...

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