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  • Largest group of asylum seekers yet tunnel under border wall

  • The largest single group of asylum seekers ever to cross into the US tunneled beneath the border wall near San Luis, Arizona, earlier this week before turning themselves into the feds, a new report said Friday. Smugglers dug seven holes a few feet long under the steel border fence there, and hundreds scrambled under the...
  • Search underway for missing Tuscon high school teacher

  • Police in Arizona are searching for a missing high school teacher who was last seen near a highway, according to officials. Elizabeth Breck, 46, was last seen around 3 p.m. Sunday near a rural crossroads in Catalina, which is around 23 miles away from where she teaches at Tuscon High Magnet School, the Arizona Daily...
  • Waitress claims Chili’s denied her promotion for wearing shirt, pants

  • A waitress at Chili’s claims she was denied a promotion because she dressed “inappropriately” for work — by wearing a button-up shirt and dress pants. Meagan Hunter says she had no other choice but to quit the job she loved at the Phoenix, Arizona, location of the Tex-Mex chain because her boss didn’t like how...
  • Dead baby found at Amazon distribution center

  • Arizona police found a dead newborn at an Amazon distribution center, local outlets reported. Phoenix police said they found the baby inside a women’s bathroom at the facility Wednesday night and the newborn was beyond resuscitation. They are investigating the death. “This is a terribly sad and tragic incident,” Amazon said in a statement to...
  • Husband’s heartwarming reason he owns 55,000 dresses

  • The largest dress collection in the world isn’t in a designer’s warehouse: It’s at Paul and Margot Brockmann’s house. “If I saw a dress that I really liked, well, I bought it,“ says Paul, 83, who’s kept his wife of 61 years in 55,000 dresses, which fill their East Mesa, Arizona, garage, one specially designed...
  • Husband has 55,000 ways to show his wife he loves her

  • This dress collector has more than 55,000 gowns. Paul Brockman of East Mesa, Arizona, spent a lifetime gathering beautiful dresses for his wife, Margo. “I never wanted my wife to wear a dress twice,” the hopeless romantic told The Post. Now the Brockmans are saying goodbye to their massive dress collection. Since 2014, they stopped...

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