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  • Rabbi, wife beaten in alleged anti-Semitic Kenya home invasion

  • A rabbi and his wife who are formerly of Brooklyn were attacked by home invaders who hurled anti-Semitic slurs at them at their Jewish community center home in Kenya, according to reports. Five men burst into the Chabad House in the capital of Nairobi before dawn Wednesday and assaulted Rabbi Shmuel Notik, a native of...
  • Facebook struggles to monitor content with flood of new languages

  • NAIROBI/SAN FRANCISCO – Facebook’s struggles with hate speech and other types of problematic content are being hampered by the company’s inability to keep up with a flood of new languages as mobile phones bring social media to every corner of the globe. The company offers its 2.3 billion users features such as menus and prompts...
  • In Kenya, running can be a road to ruin

  • ELDORET, Kenya — Ten years ago, in the Dutch port city of Rotterdam, Duncan Kibet lay spread-eagle on the pavement, trying to process the record-setting run he had just completed and how it was about to change his life.
  • Fossil of extinct ‘big African lion’ found in Kenyan museum drawer

  • A gigantic new species of mammal with enormous fangs has been identified in Kenya, after its fossils were found tucked away in a museum drawer, according to news reports. The discovery of the extinct mammal, which researchers believe roamed the Earth about 22 million years ago, was revealed in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology this...

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